The Next Great President

America, no matter who we elect on November 8th there will still be the conditions that brought us the two worst presidential candidates in decades. A Trump victory would guarantee conservative judges on the bench, and his policies would be as predictable as his demeanor. If Clinton wins Trump voters will argue that the election was rigged, and Clinton will face the same obstructionism that Obama faced during his eight years in office. The only bipartisan accomplishments that get passed will only benefit the thousands of lobbyists who control Washington.

Hillary can easily shrug off the progressive policy proposals she ran on as a candidate citing the previously mentioned obstructionism. The next President will be so mired with maintaining support from within their own party that a democratic socialist agenda or a wall will not come from the top.
Pundits awed at the packed arenas that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump drew during the 2016 primaries. They shared a similar populist message that called out the influence of big money in politics and trade deals that shipped away American jobs. There are differences around social issues, but what gets Presidents elected is how the economy is performing.

History proves that racism, partisanship, and tribalism are all exacerbated during tough economic times. The sad reality is that it won’t go away until the working and middle class see an improvement in their paychecks. The even sadder reality is that tribal voters won’t see their jobs come back by voting for corporatists like Clinton or Trump who have ascended to power on the backs of the people they claim to want to help. Real change will come when we get the influence of big money out of our political system.

I attended the Tea Party rally in Tallahassee, Florida back in 2010 and I did work with Occupy Miami in 2011. The consensus from sane, reasonable people on both spectrums is that our government is broken and that lobbyists are exploiting our political process to line the pockets of private industries. Major news outlets don’t report on how corrupt our government is because they and their sponsors are corporations who use airtime to talk political gossip instead of discussing serious issues that actually affect humanity. These partisan news sources take voters’ frustrations about our broken government and instead redirect it bogeymen without offering any substantive policy ideas that are vetted.

The next great President will be able to artfully sell the vast majority of voters a plan and a vision for this country that makes us confident and excited for our future. This cycle doesn’t have that person because we have one candidate who can’t shake technical scandals and another who was so proud of his 10-year-old’s computer skills that he had to bring it up at a debate during a question about cyber security.

If our country is going to have a prosperous future, it will be because the cutting edge technology was invented and facilitated by voters who wanted a great President to put great people into positions who could get citizens the education and the tools to create it. Our government is broken because Americans have let it get to that point. The amount of people who vote at the national level is sickening and it gets worse as the races get more local.

The next great President will be able to run on public financing and small donations. The next great President will be able to offer a plan consistent of 21st century goals – not nostalgia and rhetoric. There is a populist sentiment being felt by the majority of Americans. Whoever can channel the anger and anxiety felt by families in this country, and articulate a plan that can grows our economy will be the next great President. The problem is that voters will never elect this person until we fix our discourse.

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